St. Matthew's Episcopal Church Maple Glen, Pennsylvania

Our patronal feast day is quickly approaching.  On Sunday Sept 23, we will be celebrating with a special service at 10:00a.m. followed by a picnic.  Sign-up to attend in the Narthex or by calling the church office.

Sunday School this Fall

This fall holds many exciting new additions for our children’s religious formation at St. Matthew’s.  We are implementing a toddler atrium space for children from 18–35 months, in addition to welcoming all three-year-olds through fifth graders in the modular unit each week. Thanks to those who worked hard to repair and replace the decking around the modular building this summer.  St. Matthew’s Sunday school is set to begin on Sunday, September 10th at 9 a.m. with all groups meeting in the specially prepared rooms that embrace the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  All our lead catechists will be returning along with several new assistants and floaters.  Lynn Robinson will lead a strong team to help with the toddlers, assisted by Sandie Preusch, Kelly Rimer, Eleana Robinson and Susan Ricciardi.  A fine collection of teenagers (Ainsley Rimer, Gabrielle Pascuzzi and Kayla Caddick) will also be working with the youngest ones.  Nancy Cunningham will be spending time once again with the Preschool children (ages 3 and up.) She will be assisted by a team of great women including Diane McCleary, Sue Acquaviva, Nancy Williams (a newly trained Level 1 catechist) and Rebecca Waysz.  Linda Schindewolf and Linda Baier will be co-catechists once again for Level 2, the kindergarteners through second graders.  They will be accompanied by Kim Brown, Caryn Brannen, Cindy Higgins and Megan Williams.  Their room is on the “playground” side of the modular building alongside the Level 3 room.  Mrs. Groben will lead this oldest group of third through fifth graders. This Senior Level will benefit from great and experienced assistants: Marnie Pascuzzi, Mike Acquaviva and Wendy Johnson.

In addition to the catechists and assistants, our staff includes “floaters” who are there to guide the children and families to their assigned rooms, answer any questions, distribute needed information and offer a friendly smile.  Those invaluable floaters are David Birett, Tricia Carter, Karina Caddick, Katie High and Linda Carlson.

Please look for a mailing that will indicate the group in which your child has been placed.  Registration forms will be available starting on our first day, and we ask that each family complete them in a timely fashion so all your necessary information will be updated. Feel free to bring new friends to join us.  When you arrive on September 10th, signs will be posted to assist you.

As the fall moves forward, we are excited to be offering an All Saints program, with a “saints” storyteller, on Saturday evening, November 4.  We hope to present a Christmas pageant led by our children on Christmas Eve.  More information will be coming on those events.  The oldest children determined that they would like the children’s offering for this year to be given to the St. James School to provide school supplies for students in need in Philadelphia.

We look forward to seeing you all there! Please contact Lynn Robinson with any questions or concerns