St. Matthew's Episcopal Church Maple Glen, Pennsylvania

Please note: All in-person activities and services at Saint Matthew’s remain suspended as we seek to do our part to help contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We ask you to keep in your prayers all who have been affected by this pandemic and those who care for them. To stay in community and support one another during this time, we will continue to live-stream our service at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday.

Children & Youth Ministry Update – March 24th, 2020

To our beloved families,

We know that your inboxes have been flooded with messages relating to Covid-19 over the last few days. Let’s decide to put the dreariness to the side, and hear some GOOD news: Christ never stops working at Saint Matthew’s.

Our staff and volunteers have been hard at work over the past few days, thinking of the different ways our community can stay connected to each other during this difficult time. Now we would like to invite you and your families to join us for these exciting remote opportunities. All it takes is two easy steps! 

Step One: Get Your Family Connected

Remote ministry opportunities will be held in the virtual spaces below.

  • Like and Follow us on Facebook for worship opportunities, daily office prayer, and interesting content to keep you busy each day.
  • Download Zoom video conference software, which is where we will gather for family fellowship, prayer groups, meetings, and education opportunities for the foreseeable future. 

Step Two: Get to Know The Weekly Schedule 

There’s something just for you! 

Time With Children and Parents (Ages 3-12)

Next Tuesday 3/31 at 4:00 p.m.Click here to join us on Zoom 
Next Tuesday 3/31 at 4:00, young people and their parents will gather for a fun-filled Time With Children. Together we’ll enjoy storytelling, craft making, prayer, and more. Open your inbox to print our fun-filled materials, click the Zoom meeting link, and join us for the activity! 

Young Adult Gathering (Ages 13-College Age)

Next Tuesday 3/31 at 5:00  Click here to join us on Zoom
Youth are invited to meet for a remote bible study, discussion, and Zoom Games (yes, they exist)! You’ll receive the materials in your inbox each Wednesday evening for personal reflection, and then on Thursday, you can follow the Zoom link to join our group study. 

Sunday Morning Worship: Live Streamed from Saint Matthew’s

Sundays at 10:00 a.m. on Facebook Live
Worship. Music. Prayer. Praise. 

Remote Sunday School for All Ages

Available on G-Drive March 29th, 2020 
We encourage families to guide their children through Sunday School activities each week, beginning on March 29th. These include including weekly Bible stories, activity pages, family discussion guides, and more. As Sunday worship is being live-streamed, families can access the materials by clicking the link above. 

It’s that easy! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions — big or small. We are all here for you, and we are not going anywhere. Stay strong, have courage, keep the faith, and send your love into the world. 

My prayer and blessings are with you,

Anthony Carrella
Children and Youth Ministry Coordinator 

PS: I am including a list of curated content I love to help each of you and your young ones get through this difficult time:

Helpful Resources for Children, Youth, and Parents in Covid-19

  • For Elementary: Movement and mindfulness for kids at home with GoNoodle! 
  • For Elementary through Middle School: Cross-curricular learning at home with Scholastic. 
  • For Upper Elementary and Middle-School: A fact-filled daily news podcast for kids and tweens on Spotify
  • For High School and Young Adults:  Perfect for winding down in the evening, Assemble with Care is a fantastic game of restoring broken objects. Slow. Deliberate. Relaxing. Entrancing. Available on iOS. 
  • For Families: Instafun activities for the family at home (with little or no prep required).
  • For Parents: How to encourage optimal learning and play during Covid-19 from The Atlantic. 
  • For Parents: An honest account from a parent on homeschooling frustrations from the NY Times Opinion.  
  • For Parents: A fantastic guide for talking with your child about Covid-19.