St. Matthew's Episcopal Church Maple Glen, Pennsylvania

Rector Search Update – Profile Committee

On Monday, February 10th, we concluded the focus group sessions which started in mid-January. Approximately 104 people participated in the sessions. The Profile Committee then met to work on codifying the responses into a usable format. This report was then used to help formulate the structure of the Parish Profile, and identify key elements on which additional focus/attention was required. The Focus Group report was also provided to the Search Committee in late February, and was discussed with the Vestry in March.

In mid-February, we also engaged the services of Holy Cow! Consulting to help us formulate and execute a survey to further explore what was discussed in the focus group sessions. With the survey, the Profile Committee also hoped to engage parishioners who did not participate in the focus group process. We utilized Holy Cow’s Church Assessment Tool (CAT), an online survey designed to gauge the strength, vitality, and trends in a church. The survey ran through March 22nd, and collected information on a wide variety of topics from 125 parishioners. On March 31st, a group representing the clergy and staff, the Vestry, the Profile Committee and the Search Committee met with Holy Cow! to review the results. Results from the survey were incorporated into the final Parish Profile. The Vestry and the Search Committee were also provided with the results in the hope that they will be able to make use of them in their work as well.

Throughout late February and early March, the Profile Committee was actively working on three documents: the Parish Profile, the OTM (Office for Transition Ministry) Profile, and the TMC Questionnaire. In late March and April, our in-person writing and editing sessions were replaced by meetings via Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions. In April, we also had professional photographs of the church taken by Tim Schultz of Bright House Creative Partners.

We have now completed the OTM Profile and TMC Questionnaire, both of which have been reviewed and tentatively approved by the Vestry. At the Vestry meeting on April 21st, we provided the Vestry with a draft copy of the text of the Parish Profile for their initial review. 

The Profile Committee is now in the final phases of production of the Parish Profile, and we will have that submitted for Vestry approval on or prior to their meeting in May. After we receive Vestry approval, the Profile (along with the OTM Profile and TMC Questionnaire) will be sent to the Bishop for his approval. Once we have that, we’ll publicly publish the Profile and the Search Committee will begin collecting resumes of those individuals wishing to be considered for the Rector position here at St. Matthew’s.

Yours in Christ,

Joe Buesgen
Pam Dunlap
Jane Baker
Sheryl Barbin
Katie Brown
Marie Clark
Jeanne Garrison
Jim Garrison
John McLaughlin
Kevin Randall