St. Matthew's Episcopal Church Maple Glen, Pennsylvania

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The Rev. Canon Dr. Peter Stube, Interim Rector

Peter Brownell Stube was born in Gloucester, MA in January, 1951. He grew up in a clergy/missionary family. There have been pastors and/or missionaries in the Stube family for 4 generations. He was educated at UNC Asheville, Columbia International University in SC and Virginia Theological Seminary. He was ordained priest in 1980 in Montana and has served parishes in Montana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Atlanta, New Bern, NC and Philadelphia. He retired as Executive Director of the Seamen’s Church Institute of Philadelphia and South Jersey in November. Since then he has been part time priest in charge at St. Mary’s Church in Stone Harbor, NJ.

Dr. Stube has been active in Diocesan and National Church work since he entered the ministry. In the 80’s he was diocesan youth coordinator and part of the Province VI youth team. He served on nearly every possible diocesan committee including Commission on Ministry and Standing Committee (President) and has been a Deputy to General Convention three times. Dr. Stube also served as the Canon Theologian for the Diocese of East Carolina focusing on developing processes for reconciliation during the tumultuous 2000’s.

In each place Dr. Stube has found ways to serve the larger community. In Arkansas he led the Forrest City Human Rights Committee for the mayor. Dr. Stube put together a diverse committee which was able to create ways for the three distinctive racial groups to work together better. In Atlanta, Dr. Stube was part of an interfaith initiative to create a center to feed and clothe the hungry. He also coached children in soccer and baseball for 15 seasons. In Springfield, PA he was part of an initiative to reach out to at risk youth and to create a youth center. In New Bern he was president of an organization concerned with creating blended housing in a depressed area of town. For this work he received a citation of merit from the local chapter of the NAACP.

Dr. Stube’s dissertation in 1990 proposed ways of moving forward to engage culture through the use of mission groups. The mission groups worked from the premise that spirituality and activism must be a seamless garment.

Throughout his ministry Dr. Stube has been engaged in reconciliation ministry. He has inherited two congregations that were in great turmoil led them to renewed vision and healing. He brings strong skills in conflict management and deep love for the people he serves.

Peter married his college sweetheart Rachael 45 years ago. Rachael is the librarian at the St. James School. They have 3 married sons and nine grandchildren.

Members of the Vestry

  • Chris Suhy – Rector’s Warden, Fellowship
  • Christine Strittmatter – People’s Warden, Faith Formation/Worship
  • Karen Randall – Treasurer, Faith Formation/Worship
  • Tim Jennings – Property
  • Joe Buesgen – Property, Communications
  • Tim Walsh – Outreach
  • Marie Clark – Outreach
  • Bill Reynolds – Property, Fellowship
  • Mary Anne Noon – Communications

Parish Staff

  • Carolyn Bedics – Parish Manager
  • Luray Watkins – Parish Administrator

Coordinator for Youth Ministry

  • Anthony Carrella

Director, St. Matthew’s Nursery School

  • Jackie Anderson

Sunday School Administrator

  • Linda Baier

Children’s Catechesis Coordinator

  • [TBD]

Ministry Leaders

Coffee Hour

Sue Acquaviva
Marie Clark


George Bishop


Trent Coombs
Bill Reynolds

Worship Leaders

Pam Lang
Melissa Brown

Contemporary Music

Martha Reynolds
Anne Flood


Philip LeFevre

Neighborhood Shepherds

Connie Dee

Prayer Chain

Christine Strittmatter
Judy Ermigiotti

Pastoral Care Visitation

George Bishop
Treva McLaughlin


Karen Becker