St. Matthew's Episcopal Church Maple Glen, Pennsylvania

Our Stories

We have asked both new and long time members of Saint Matthew’s what is it about Saint Matthew’s that makes you want to continue worshipping with us.  We will share their stories here.



Lois, a member of Saint Matthew’s for many years describes why she continues to worship here.

“Saint Matthew’s is home. Saint Matthew’s is my connection to the Almighty, to our church family and to the community. What makes it not only easy but necessary for me to come every Sunday are the sermons. Every sermon is about Jesus and how we can follow Him and try to do His will. As Father Dave told me, Jesus is a pretty safe subject for a sermon. Our Day of Rest, the Lord’s Day, should feed our spirits. I’m glad to seek Sanctuary here from the news and opinions of the day that we can scarcely find relief from any place else.”