St. Matthew's Episcopal Church Maple Glen, Pennsylvania

The Lifelong Learning Ministry: Youth (Grades 6-12)

Hey. Saint Matthew’s has always had an awesome youth group, but not all of us had a chance to be a part of it because of our age. Some of us wanted to come to youth group, but we were too young. Some of us were old enough, but were really busy with school or work which got in the way. To help solve some of these issues, we are going to shake things up this year and try something different. Something good. Here’s why you’ll want to join us this year:

We’ve got two youth groups now, a Middle and a High School group.

You’ll be invited to two youth group meetings per month: one specifically for kids of your own age group (MS/HS), and another where all of us meet together.


The sessions are only forty minutes long, and they’re fun. All of us will be sharing conversations, working through the same bible study (a book and materials are provided to you free of cost), and have fun playing games.



We’ll explore topics and concepts that are interesting and actually relevant to what’s going on in the world right now. We’ll explore fresh theological perspectives from contemporary voices, including those of black, latinx, female, LGBT, and gender queer scholars. And we’ll have fun doing it on Zoom and in person when it is safe. We have opportunities for performing outreach as well, and we will discuss these in-person at our first session.


Who knows if we’ll be able to go on Mission Trip in 2021. It could be possible, and because mission trips take planning, and planning takes time, we will need your help and input week after week to discern how we might serve next summer. How we might make a community decision to embark on a trip, or to plan an alternative activity? How would we make others comfortable to travel amid COVID-19? What extra considerations do we need to take? How will creatively raise money for the trip? We need your help figuring all of this, and much more, out.

When gathering together is formally declared safe, we have a action plan ready to go that will invite us to gather for meetups and hangouts in-person. You might be saying: “Well, Anthony, it’s safe enough for me, so…”. I hear you, but gathering IRL is complex right now. Here’s why:

We have to wait for Bishop Daniel to tell us when gathering will be okay, and like all good things, this will happen in God’s time. Even though we are able to gather in-person at Saint Matthew’s for worship, including those of us who are aged 18 and under, our Diocese strongly discourages us from holding any other meeting at the church other than our worship service. Unfortunately, this includes youth group. We are bound by this special obligation to treat your safety and well being as a higher priority than the very real need to gather in-person.

And we’re sorry about this.

The world can feel like a hard place right now. But there are many of us going through the same things. If you need a safe spot to express your feelings and find some support, come join us. Seriously. We’re trying to impart a spread the love vibe here. All are welcome. No matter who you are. Connection information will be sent via postcard to your homes, and email/text reminders will be sent out as well.

Join us on Wednesdays at 5:00 – 5:40 PM through the end of December.

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