St. Matthew's Episcopal Church Maple Glen, Pennsylvania

The Lifelong Learning Ministry

A new, exciting path for Christian Education at Saint Matthew’s!

John Dewey, a venerated American educational reformer, once remarked thateducation is not preparation for life; education is life itself”. Read that again — education is life! What a tremendous and wonderful claim.

Dewey might agree that learning is among the most ancient and fundamental mechanisms possessed by sentient life in the universe. It is a primary driver of animal awareness and decision-making. Where humankind is concerned, it would seem that at the moment God breathed a breath of life into the nostrils of Adam, our species entered a most expansive classroom — one of seemingly epic proportions, filled with scores of learners across the epochs. Over the course of time, just what and how we’ve learned has not only shaped the human story but has woven our human fabric. But we won’t wander too far-off into this metaphysical space; learning is simply what we do. It is who we are. It is a space that we encompass. We are born learners, each of us. It would seem that it is only after we breathe our last that the lessons of this life are finally complete.

What is Lifelong Learning?

Lifelong Learning is a new way to frame Christian Education at Saint Matthew’s. It is a ministry geared to serve each of us — children, youth, and adults alike. It is a space where non-believers, young seekers, new inquirers, and the stalwart alike come together to dwell in the presence and message of Christ. It is a space where we teach and admonish one another to seek out God’s call to us and live by Jesus’ Way of Love proclaimed by the Gospel. It is a mature and relevant space for wrestling with ideas, and an accessible, safe space for families to learn together. Our diverse team of beloved catechesis professionals, experienced lay leaders, and compassionate clergy are prepared to provide you and your family with consistent programs amid the pandemic. And most importantly, to support your unique Christian call through learning at all stages of life.

What are the offerings of the Lifelong Learning Ministry?

Who’s Who in Lifelong Learning?

Linda Baier, Lead Catechist
Anthony Carrella, Co-chair
Jon Clark, Adult Education Leader
Marie Clark, Vestry Liaison
Judy Groben, Committee Secretary and Catechist ,
Karen Randall, Adult Education Leader
Rvd. Peter Stube, Co-Chair